Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sewing day

Rustown Art

I found another folder of art from my kids waaaay up in the closet and photographed it for posterity (and blogging)  But I really need to learn how to use the scanner and get better reproductions.  Hard to believe Firstborn was once this small and innocent. (:
 Just not today.
Today I want to sew a couple of cushion covers to pretty up the brown den sofa - nothing fancy.  Just using some leftover fabric from the couch project in the front room.  Also, I want to pick out a paint to refinish the little desk chair I use in the front room.  But I'm determined today to work with materials I already have - kind of like the "pantry meals"  idea - use what you've got.  It's supposed to rain all day so that will encourage me to stay at home anyway! What do you have planned for a rainy day that stretches ahead of you?

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