Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Not a fun game to play

I might have mentioned before that this family has a live in housekeeper/cook/organizer who helps to keep everyone on track and fed.  Even so, I assume they all know that they are responsible for their own things.  Specifically, shoes.  Because who else wears your shoes but you?   Therefore, rushing around in the morning to get one kid to school, the other to the bus stop, and myself to work by 8 is not a good time to play the "let's hunt the shoes" game.  Especially when the shoe's owner only has one pair of school shoes.  And coming home to find them, dirty as they are, behind my chair in my room on my carpet...makes me cranky.

Guess it's time to get the housekeeper to wash them and then go get a spare pair so we don't have to play that game anymore...and I can't wait til summer when barefoot all day is ok...


ancientcloth said...

Does this ever sound familiar?
How we moms are expected to know
where our stuff and their stuff is...
lol. I always have to stop and think
now if I was this child where would
I put (fill in the blank)?
It is simply crazy! (smiling)

Gina/Rustown Mom said...

Oh, ALL of them do this; even hubby! And usually I know where things are...I like to think that all that mental organization will keep my Alzheimer's at bay!


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