Saturday, April 3, 2010

Le Easter Menu

I've been a busy bunny this evening.....
 Sometimes I over think things...   but I really want all of us to sit down to a nice meal at the end of the day tomorrow, and since I will be at work all day, that means I have to do the food prep tonight.
These things are best not left to the menfolk.  So here's what I prepared:
Chicken Almandine
Baked Carrots    Loaded Mashed Potatoes
Hot Rolls   Angel Food cake with fluffy icing, strawberries, and coconut
Dinner is late - 8 p.m. - so everyone will enjoy it that much more as I'm sure they will be hungry.  They will wake to Croissant Casserole with eggs and sausage before church.  
Lucky ducks!
I wish I could be here with them during the day,
but when most of the holidays this year fall on the weekends, not possible.
So, E. Bunny will do her thing.  I will go off to work after setting up the coffee pot and putting the breakfast casserole in the oven, and look forward to coming home to a great meal. 
And now that the cake has come out of the oven, I can hop into the shower and get ready for bed and a new day tomorrow.
Happy Easter, everyone! And a very Happy Spring!

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