Thursday, April 8, 2010

Improvised Magic Cookie Bars

Sometimes, you have to just accept that you don't have exactly  what you need and work with what you've got for a recipe.  I discovered this when I spied a can of La Lechera condensed milk on the pantry shelf.  It was a freebie at HEB when I bought chocolate chips.  And, truthfully, something I never buy.  But since I also had coconut and pecans, I figured I could substitute butterscotch chips (the chocolate ones are long gone) and crushed Easter cookies for the grahams. I'm thinking fate wanted me to make my version of these treats, Magic Cookie Bars.
I crushed the cookies in a ziploc bag, and proceeded with the recipe.  I have been trying to use up those pecans since the holidays! Oh my....the kitchen smelled divine!
Warm, gooey, butterscotch-y, pecan-y goodness. It was very sweet so a little bit went a long way.  A little different than the original, but very good!

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