Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fun with Modge Podge

Believe it or not, I have never worked with modge podge and have never bought it for my kids, either.  No idea why.  Way back when, before I had kids, I covered a little cigar box with stamps I received on letters.  For decopage, I used good old Elmer's glue.  Not exactly the same thing, I know.  But at the time, I thought it was cute. Look how cheap postage used to be!
Some of the stamps are actually postmarks; my mother wrote me a lot from Saudi Arabia when she worked there in the mid 80's. And my mother-in-law and I were faithful correspondents, as were several college buddies, my hubby's sister, my sisters....
I used Modge Podge to seal up the frayed edges from years of use - I used it as my battery box in the kitchen junk drawer. Going through my fabric scraps I found another little box to cover.  I decided to spruce up that box a bit, too.
I used a sheet of scrapbooking paper, and 4 photos of my little ones when each was around 3 or 4 years old.  I think each photo shows a distinct personality! Now I don't know that I want to hide it away in my fabric box; it's so cute!
I'm a sucker for crafts involving pictures or handmade items from my kids - they may as well be priceless artifacts, I could never part with them.  And my mother says I'm not sentimental...

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Anonymous said...

Those little faces are adorable and
that little box should be in a special
place to be seen.What a fun project.
Too cute!

TidyMom said...

What a wonderful idea!!

Thanks for linking up to I'm Lovin' It! Have a GREAT weekend!


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