Friday, March 5, 2010


I love my Rustown Dad and Boys, but I love it even better when they go camping on a weekend that  I know I will be tired after two 12 hour shifts...nothing good can come of a weary, grouchy mom who comes home at 8 p.m. to a smelly house in disarray. 
I realize the house is not going look just like I left it.  Still, its hard to bear it sometimes.  I put on my blinders and go directly to the kitchen and get ready for dinner, trying hard not to notice that no one emptied the trash, there is hardened spilled milk on the table from breakfast, the recycle bin is overflowing, and no one started the FULL dishwasher.  So we have to eat dinner on salad plates.
deep breath
Going to a happy place now...

There. Better! 
This weekend, it's just my two oldest and me, and they probably won't even be here when I get home.
I will fix tacos al pastor, read some more of my new book, and lounge around until 10 or so....aahhh...
Then Sunday afternoon I get off a little early and hubby and I will attend The Girl's basketball banquet.
(Yes, she's all healed - yea!)
It will be a nice weekend all the way around. 
So, I guess I better go get the house cleaned up.....

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