Monday, March 29, 2010

The name is Mrs. Bunny!

Rustown Art

Once upon a time, even up to about age 30 for me, my mother made me an Easter 'basket' every year. It always had a note attached saying 'Love, E. Bunny". (She knew she wasn't fooling anyone)  It had loads of Russell Stover candy (considered the best by her) and other trinkets such as earrings, nail polish, cute fuzzy chickies you use in crafts, etc.  One year after I'd left home, I spent Easter in Houston with my mother and sister, Melissa.  In my basket was a lapel pin, featuring Snoopy wearing bunny ears and carrying a basket.  I was 21ish.  And I wore it to church on the neckline of my very nice skirt and top combo!  Easter is such a nice holiday - everything about it makes you feel good...My mother still sends me Easter treats - usually marked "for you, only" and of course, I share them with my dear ones.  But I also make baskets for each of my kids, and I probably will for years to come, filled with candy in plastic eggs.  And I will sign the card "Love, E. Bunny".  And hope that they incorporate that little tradition into their own families.

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ancientcloth said...

Traditions are so important and
what sweet thoughtful heartwarming
way to say you love them


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