Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Normally, I feel like a pretty together mom of a pretty together family.  We all watch each other's backs, remind each other, do what we can to stay on top of things...well, that is, I am the one reminding everyone.   Anyhoo...
Rustown Art

Lately, I've been forgetting a lot.
It's just that I have so many others things to get done in the day, and I get distracted. Can I help it if I forgot the car inspection sticker expired at the end of January?  That I didn't pick up another green notebook for Bubbie for school? That I didn't realize we were (gasp!) out of creamer?  Must have that for morning caffeine, you know.  And I'm not the only one.  Scout forgot to watch Nova last night to write a report.  Bubbie was supposed to, also.  Hubby forgot to take the insurance bill in to pay. Firstborn and Bubbie forgot to empty the dishwasher and sink until there was absolutely no place to set a dish down. Scout would have forgotten to put the trash out this morning, but I hollered at him just before he ran off to catch the bus. 
The Girl forgot to put her things in the dryer from the washer;
 I did it so her clothes wouldn't stink.
Where was I going with all this?  Oh, yeah.
I need to go get the car inspected.  Better go,

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Anonymous said...

Thank you!
You have just stated what I think...
It just seems there is so much to
think about and stay on top of!
I think you are amazing!


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