Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Change of plans..

Well, it's raining today, so there will be no sanding, no painting, no moving the outside plants around and sprucing the patio today.  Instead, looks like we will have to go see a movie and eat lots of popcorn!  And make plans to see old college buddy of mine on  Friday.  And call Grandma to see what she might like to do tomorrow when we visit.  And do a few sewing repairs, make a couple pillows, find a new recipe to try....
And, maybe we will work on this:
The before and after of stripping the star-patterned wallpaper from the kid's bathroom.  For now we will leave the hunter green marbled paper in the shower area.  Maybe it's dated, but I love that shade of green,
and for now, it's not in bad shape. But I am thinking of painting the sink area in here a soft gold color like the towel that is hanging.  And adding brushed nickle switch and plug plates, light fixture, and towel and paper bars. And adding some below the counter organization to stow the kid's various supplies.  And a pretty piece of art for the wall.And something pretty for the counter, too.  Guess we could work on that today!
And I have such a great co-foreman:
What a great helper!

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