Thursday, March 18, 2010

Break? What break?

Spring Break is a theory, not a reality. 
It's only a break for those people who are young children and still in school.  Those same people do not shop, cook, clean, or drive, so really, there's not a whole lot they can be in charge of.  Oh, can assign them tasks, but you can't spend an entire day cracking the whip over them.  They're just kids on a break.   Well, you could. But, that would be no fun for anyone involved.
 Rustown Art

And that wouldn't make for a happy home, either.
I will miss Spring Break one of these days, I'm sure.  For now, I look forward to going back to  the routine next week.  Everyone goes out into the world in the morning and I have most of the day to get those things done that are my creative outlet and make me a better mom.
Hmm...maybe that's the point of Spring Break - perspective!

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