Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All coming together...

I feel like I have worked on this bathroom for 2 weeks
..oh, wait. I have worked on it for two weeks!
Let's pause for reflection on the ugly star wallpaper.  Dirty. Stained. Ugly.
(I repeat myself sometimes.)
With an incredibly awful hunting theme/family crest border at the top. And I hate that light fixture - it's rusted and so boxy.  We've been here almost 13 years...I procrastinated a bit. My trusty sidekick helped me strip the wallpaper in about 2 hours!
The new wall color will be very much like the color of the hand towel you see hanging.  Yes, I removed the towel ring.  We are going with brushed nickel accents and I got a similar light fixture, but it's brushed nickel as well and just looks new and pretty.  Plus, it was inexpensive.  I'm trying not to break the bank on this bathroom, I just want it to be spiffed up.
I used both a  brush and a roller to apply the joint compound and just played with the consistency and texture until I got something I thought was reasonable.  My plan is now to re-paint the ceiling overhead, give the walls two coats of "Summer Rye", add a vase of eucalyptus, add a new rug, and some wall art.   I also got some dark green hand towels for 70% off today at Kohl's.  They don't match perfectly. That's OK.
Hello, yellow!!
I looked everywhere for 25 watters for the light fixture - it was so darn bright you could do surgery in there!
The cute ceramic birdy and vase were $2 each.  I bought inexpensive frames and printed my own photos to put in them, so each was $6.  I might add more brushed nickel outlet and switch covers;
saw them today at Home Depot when I got the bulbs and a matching hook for next to the linen closet. So now, all I have left to add is a rug, and maybe a cute cup for the boy's toothbrush supplies.
A frame around the mirror would be nice, too!
I like it, the kids like it...the color might take some getting used to,
but what's life without a little color?


Mandi @ Finding Home said...

"So bright you could do surgery". That made me laugh! I love the cheeriness of the yelllow. Such a major improvement. Looks like you poured a lot of work into the room and it really paid off. Fabulous!!

themasons said...

what a great job! I'm so excited to see more future projects!!:)


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