Friday, February 26, 2010

Maybe next week?

What I want to work on next week, weather permitting:
I want to paint this metal patio set back to it's original black.  I'm sure I'll have to sand it a bit, and it has a wonky leg that Hubby will need to adjust.  There is a potted plant that normally sits in the middle, but I would just as soon have an umbrella there.  In the corner is where my ficus lives, and I want to refinish the deck itself, too.  I would also love to toss the wreath under the patio, add some hanging plants, maybe a straw rug, some herb pots...


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you want to create an outdoor living space which is lovely.
The rug is a great idea too! The picnic table is great. Maybe you could find a couple of thrift chairs and paint them with outdoor safe paint and add outdoor cushions in a print then paint the picnic table in a color that coordinates and the rug would finish off the "outdoor living"
feel.??? The black paint on the metal will be a nice new look.
hmmm. Just thinking. I love this decorating stuff : )
Whatever you decide will be beautiful and cozy!

Rustown Mom said...

Yes! I would love to hang out more on the patio with my wine...(: We'll see how I can spruce it up!


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