Monday, February 15, 2010

Cooking Nostalgia

I have really enjoyed reading cookbooks lately.  Some of them are highly entertaining.  This one for example, which is falling apart,  I have loved it so much.
 The same exact one is for sale on Amazon for $76!
   I got it when we got our first house in the late 80's and I experimented on Mark with dishes such as Sub Gum Yuk (yuck) and Dr. Martin's Mix (family fav).  About that time I discovered I really don't  hate to cook. I also love the Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook
I inherited it from Hubby's mother.  I bought a ring-bound one a couple of years ago, because I was afraid I would ruin the heirloom one.  Looking through it takes you back to the 50's...I would have made a great housewife back then!  Another fun one I have that is falling apart: White Trash Cooking
 So fun to read and the photos are so Americana.  Not likely I'll be fixing 'cooter' anytime soon, though.  I have a paperback cookie cookbook from my mother in which I found the perfect Christmas cookie recipe this year.  I wouldn't take a nickel for it, but it looks like you could get one for about $5 on eBay.  Most of my other cookbooks get looked at about half as often, and I love to find recipes in Southern Living or on-line, and of course from other blogs I read..  I'm looking forward to my family's tastes changing as the kids grow so I can branch out and cook some new things.

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