Thursday, January 28, 2010

Le Menu de Olde Man's Birthday

Sunday is Hubby's birthday; he will finally be as old (or young) as me! Here's what's on the menu:

La Vida Dolce coffee and cinnamon sugar monkey bread
Mom goes to work
Lunch is "yoyo" - you're on your own
Mom gets off early (hopefully)

Monterrey Jack cheese with chilies
and sliced pears on pita crisps
dark brown ale
Lemon-Thyme pan crusted thick cut pork chops
Baked garnet sweet potatoes with butter
Caesar salad - rolls
Caramel pie with whipped cream
a happy daddy/hubby
I have to say that he's earned this one, with all the hustle and bustle lately of getting his third (and last) Cub Scout den ready for crossover, which is tonight.  It will be a fitting end to this week and a great start to the next.  And maybe, he'll be so tired, and full, he won't be feeling sad that the baby is in Boy Scouts...Oh, and we bought him some new boots and are filling his card with Lotto tickets!  
 Good Luck and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Hubby!

1 comment:

marie said...

All I can say is he is one lucky guy!
What a fabulous meal : )
Happy Birthday.


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