Thursday, January 7, 2010

A good day to cook (and eat!)

It is ridiculously cold and windy outside and I am homebound, by choice, for the day.  What better way to spend it than by working my way thru my new cookbook. 
So far I have made the meatloaf, which was wonderful with bacon and a sweet ketchup-y sauce on top; Olive Cheese bread which was very rich and incredibly good, served with homemade potato soup; Oatmeal Crispies cookies full of chocolate chips and pecans;  and for lunch today we are having Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich made with onions, lots of butter, and cubed steak.  I also plan on fixing Prune Cake and the pan fried pork chops for dinner.  I don't mind being "stuck at home" as long as I can cook up something great!

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